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Due to the restrictive copyright policy of SPE, these papers cannot be posted to the web by the author for general access.  Authors are required to transfer their copyright protection to SPE before a work is considered for publication.  Unlike AAPG, which allows publication of an author’s work on the web, SPE appears to be more interested in making money then providing technology transfer to the industry.

Field Performance Papers

Twofreds Field, located 17 miles North of Pecos, TX is an active CO2 Project producing from the Delaware sandstone of the Permian Age, Bell Canyon sequence.  The CO2 project was developed in two stages, East then West.  The East side has been completed and is on blow down while the West side is still in active late stage CO2 EOR Operations.

SPE 14439 – Performance of the Twofreds CO2 Injection Project

SPE 26614 – Update Case History: Performance of the Twofreds Tertiary CO2 Project

Hansford Marmaton Unit, located in the Panhandle of Texas outside of Spearman, TX is an active CO2 EOR Project producing from the Marmaton sandstone formation.  The CO2 project is in the late stage of active CO2 EOR Operations. 

January 1990 JPT – CO2 Injection Increases Hansford Marmaton Production

SPE 17327 – Review of CO2 Performance of the Hansford Marmaton Unit

SPE 20289 – Sewer Water: An Alternate Water Source For A CO2 EOR Project

Other CO2 Related Papers

SPE 26391 – CO2 EOR Economics for Small-to-Medium-Size Fields 

SPE 24128 – Technical and Economical Performance of Horizontal Wells For Carbon Dioxide Flooding


Other Papers

SPE 16485 – Optimizing Reservoir Surveillance by Using Streamlines and the Microcomputer

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