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Consultants to the Oil & Gas Industry
Specializing in
Reservoir Management and
Enhanced Oil Recovery

Transpetco Engineering has been supplying reservoir management and engineering services to the oil and gas industry since 1983. We specialize in enhanced oil recovery (EOR), in particular Carbon Dioxide (CO2) flooding. We are small, experienced and flexible, with a range of services we can custom tailor for individual clients, all centered on cost-effective exploitation of oil and gas reservoirs.

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The company and its principals are pioneers in using CO
2 to profitably recover oil and are involved in numerous CO2 EOR projects installed in the United States by independent oil companies over the last 25 plus years.  Our wide range of services and qualifications enable us to assist our clients as needed during any stage of reservoir development, from primary through final depletion. We have a diverse client base; working for majors, large and small independents, as well as consulting for investors and the legal community.

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We combine state-of-the-art reservoir engineering with unsurpassed practical hands-on project experience. This combination makes us uniquely well-suited for the cost consciousness plus innovativeness required in today’s oil & gas production environment. Our goal is cost-effective economical optimization, including where necessary rejection of ill-conceived or poorly designed alternatives.

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